Methods and Services

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Naturopathic medicine is a system of medicine that assists in the restoration of health by abiding to six basic principles: First Do No Harm, Identify and Treat the Cause, Treat the Whole Person, Honor the Healing Power of Nature, Doctor as Teacher and Prevention. Dr. Liz Cavin will keep these guiding principles in mind when she works with you to obtain your health goals. Many clinical methods Dr. Liz Cavin uses are derived from a healing practice known as “Nature Cure”. This is a system originated in Europe in the 1900s and utilized water, air, diet and herbs to treat illness. Other methods are derived from modern scientific research and preparation of remedies such as nutritional supplements. Dr. Liz Cavin employs a variety of methods that reflect the six guiding principles if this medicine.

Why trust her?

Dr. Liz Cavin attended The National College of Natural Medicine. It is an accredited medical college. This naturopathic doctoral program is a four-year medical program that required a Bachelor’s degree upon entry. The first two years involved didactic study of the basic sciences, including biochemistry, anatomy, pathophysiology, clinical and physical diagnosis and laboratory diagnosis. The following two years comprised the study of clinical sciences, while incorporating several approaches to natural medicine, such as botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, hydrotherapy and musculoskeletal assessment and manipulation.