Heal Your Gut Heal Your Body Group Healing Program | with Dr. Liz Cavin

Are you experiencing any of these health imbalances?

·        Hormonal Issues or Infertility

·        Depression or Anxiety

·        Headaches or Arthritis

·        Chronic sinus congestions

·        Eczema, Rosacea or other chronic skin issues

·        Loose stools, constipation or heartburn

Start off 2018 with Better Health!  Winter Season is a great time to focus on You!

·        Create Healthy Digestion

·        Create Healthy Elimination

·        Create Healthy Gut Bacteria Population

·        Create Healthy Gut Barrier and address Leaky Gut Syndrome

The Heal Your Gut Heal Your Body Program includes:

  1. GI Health Lab Test to identify a gut issue like: yeast overgrowth, bacterial imbalance, parasites or inflammation.
  2. Food Allergy Test to identify food sensitivities that are hindering your health.
  3. Consultation with Dr. Liz Cavin, to interpret test results and create a personalized plan to help you Heal Your Gut and Heal Your Body!
  4. Group Gathering (or Group Visit) at the beginning and end of the program.
  • Learn about the 4 Pillars of Digestive Health
  • Fill out a health questionnaire
  • Have BP, Weight & other vital signs taken at start and end of the program
  • Review your health challenges and goals with Dr. Liz Cavin
  • Join the Facebook group for this program
  • Get supplements, herbs & lifestyle recommendations to help you heal
  • Receive Recipes & information about helpful dietary changes you can make
  1. Health Coach session with Mary Zoellner to help stay on track with your goals.
    Visit her website at www.mountainharmonyhealth.com

The 21day program is $450 per person, including Gut Health and Food Allergy lab tests, your consultation with Dr. Liz Cavin, your health coach session with Mary Zoellner and group time. If you and a friend or a spouse sign up together the price is $375 per person.


The Heal Your Gut Heal Your Body Program starts:

January 15th in Helena and January 16th in Great Falls

Spots will fill up quickly. Call today to save your space (406) 996-1223!