Digestive Health


If you are affected by uncomfortable digestive symptoms or have experienced many doctor visits and treatments without relief of your symptoms, then consider trying naturopathic medicine. Addressing digestive complaints is an area of health care where naturopathic medicine excels. Dr. Liz Cavin will utilize her naturopathic expertise to help you address your digestive complaints.

The gastrointestinal tract represents your most intimate contact with the external environment. It is tasked with the responsibility of extracting from food the appropriate nutrients you need in order to thrive and maintain an appropriate balance of helpful and harmful microbes, while at the same time preventing the entrance of harmful substances into your bloodstream. The GI tract plays 4 important roles to maintain health, Dr. Liz Cavin likes to call them the “Four Pillars of GI Function”. They are: Digestion, Elimination, Microbial Balance and Gut Integrity (serving as a barrier between you and the outside world). Assessing and supporting the function of the four pillars of gastrointestinal health is important for maintaining vitality and optimal health.


When all four pillars of your GI function are working properly and in harmony with one another you will experience very few gastrointestinal symptoms or perhaps no symptoms at all. Dr. Liz Cavin believes when one of the pillars becomes compromised it places strain on the proper function of the other pillars. She will use what she calls, the 4R Approach to help you rebuild the damaged pillars of your digestive health. Rebuilding the four pillars involves a four step process she calls Remove, Replace, Re-inoculate and Repair.


Dr. Liz Cavin will use her clinical skills and possible lab testing to ascertain what offending items might need to be removed to help your digestive system heal. What might need to be removed is pathogenic organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites), toxic substances and possible allergens from certain foods. Once offending items are removed the restore process begins this involves supporting elimination of toxins through proper intestine and liver function. It also involves reducing inflammation in your digestive tract. Next, Dr. Liz Cavin will help you re-inoculate your digestive tract with healthy bacteria. The last step involves repair which means having you eat healthy foods, take herbs that are known to heal digestion and by using supplements designed to repair inflammation.

Naturopathic medicine has many tools to successfully assist you with your digestive complaints. Dr. Liz Cavin encourages you to consider contacting her to help you address your uncomfortable symptoms and return your digestive system to its normal function.