Clinical botanical medicine is a technique that Dr. Liz Cavin will use with you to address uncomfortable symptoms you may be experiencing, to treat a disease state you may have developed and help you maintain your overall health. She uses European and Native American herbs in a fashion that takes advantage of their synergistic and curative properties. Dr. Liz Cavin utilizes medicinal herbs in tea form, in pill form, as topical pastes or salves and as elixirs or alcoholic extracts.

Dr. Liz Cavin would like you to know that the benefits of clinical botanical medicine may be subtle or dramatic, depending on the remedy used and the symptom or problem being addressed. Herbal remedies usually have a much slower effect than pharmaceutical drugs. Some herbal remedies have a cumulative effect and work slowly over time to restore balance, and others are indicated for short-term treatment of acute symptoms. When compared to the pharmaceutical drugs, herbal remedies prepared from the whole plant have relatively few side effects. This is due to the complex chemistry and synergistic action of the full range of phytochemicals present in the whole plant, and the relatively lower concentrations. They are generally safe when used in properly designated therapeutic dosages, and less costly than the isolated chemicals or synthetic prescription drugs available from western pharmaceutical corporations.